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Wolthers & Associates,3 generations sourcing in Brazil

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Wolthers & Associates acts as a service partner, working to establish cooperation between roasters, importers, exporters and producers in many ways. We are the solution providers at origin regarding sourcing, logistics, farm visits and quality assurance. Responsible and sustainable trading has been in our vision for over 60 years.

More than 4 million bags and 15 major importers and roasters enjoy our dedicated and accurate performance regarding the quality of shipments out of Brazil, Colombia and Central America. We source from most of the Brazilian producers and exporters, having an internal ranking and control on each of our suppliers. We maintain constant and daily contact with over thirty active suppliers. Over 30% of the coffees we broker are certified by major certification brands. 

We also maintain daily contact and monthly visits to producing regions, storage facilities and export companies inside the Brazilian coffee belt. Our arms-length approach in sourcing ranges from single 'Nano' and micro lots through premium mainstream Arabicas as well as Conilons and the Brazilian domestic market.

Our QC and QA services have proved to be in total balance with the industry requirements since 1986. Wolthers & Associates counts on experienced and certified Q graders with extensive practice and acceptance in the coffee sector. Our main labs are located in Santos, Buenaventura and Guatemala city.

Our traffic and logistics department provides unparalleled follow up and support including vessel booking, PSS and SS guidance monitoring, weekly reports and customer service in general to our International clients.

No bag of contracted green coffee goes unnoticed!

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